Scarlett Vespa believes the future belongs to those who are willing to embrace individual responsibility, have a half glass full attitude and never give up. As a brand-maker, transformation coach, speaker & founder of digital marketing firm The Conscious Agency, she has worked with iconic brands such as Disney, David Jones, Westfield including being Head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank.

In March 2020, she launched E-School, a membership Platform for ‘The Conscious Entrepreneur’. The Membership gives you access to online courses including our unique ‘7 weeks to Build Your Business’ with video tutorials and training with over 100 worksheets and templates to use and evergreen resources. 

You also have access to LIVE private group coaching with our ‘Guidance Team’ and Scarlett who will share their expert tips to help you be a successful conscious entrepreneur. Right now so many are at crossroads looking for direction as they take their next steps in seeking meaning and purpose.

E-School will guide you through the 6-Steps to becoming a ‘Conscious Entrepreneur’.

I believe that the obstacles we face in our work life are the modern-day rite-of-passage to take us into a more meaningful life and to take accountability for our own success. The qualities of a conscious entrepreneur will give you everything you need to feel confident and successful in whatever you do, that is why I’m so passionate about the skillsets of an Entrepreneur.

So whatever stage you are at on this journey, there is plenty of help for you right here; take a look around at our blog, TV Show and Join our private Facebook Group to meet our like-minded ‘Conscious Entrepreneurs’.

My Story

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Who has wanted to give up? Who has said, ‘I can’t do this anymore, I just want to walk away and sit on a mountain and hide.’ That was me, I had lost everything and didn’t want to feel the pain anymore. 


This story began when I was at school. I wasn’t into school and school wasn’t into me. I left early and my parents were not unhappy to see me leave as they didn’t think I was as smart as my lawyer brother and scientist sister or my father who was a surgeon.

I went to secretarial college and loved it because I was free! I took a job as a secretary for my uncle who was orthopaedic surgeon, but it was when I fell into a job at Disney that my career began.

I spent 9 years on TV shows and films working with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Jack Thompson, Sam Neil and decided I needed to work in the real world – advertising. It earned a much better income and you had the combination of business and film which I loved.

I married and had a beautiful baby boy and began my career as a director. I was one of the first 3 female directors, which was tough in a very male-dominated advertising world.
I was also into Buddhism and the teachings of the mind, I travelled to Nepal and moved to Canberra to learn more, because my first question in life was ‘why?’. Why are we here and what is our purpose? In any case, by this time I was a single mum.

I was offered a job to be head of Broadcast for CBA and felt as though I had sold my soul to give up my directing career and only produce advertising work at a bank. But I was a single mum and I had to take the job. So, I moved back to Sydney and what I didn’t know was that this job would be one of my most favourite times in my career plus I met the love of my love and we have been together now for 15 years.

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I loved the culture at the Bank (yes to my absolute surprise) the trust of the team and I learnt so much about business while making millions for the bank each year. Yes, I was an asset and it felt good to be respected and appreciated. But then there was a bank leadership change and it was time for me to leave. I then decided to go out on my own and start my own business – a video production company and studio.

About six months into the business I had a conversation with someone who had challenged me and said that I should be in front of the camera and do what I was passionate about – personal development and spirituality.

I kind of had a brain freeze (a Shazam moment) and decided to create TV show concept and go to the Cannes festival in France, LA and NYC (as you do).

It was incredibly challenging. Whenever you step into your purpose and path, you’ll always be tested I believe AND I literally bumped into a pillar on my first night and cut my eye! I remember two burly African American men looking at my husband, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He gulped, I laughed and said ‘no, I really did walk into a pillar’.

On the last day of seeing Warner Bros, and some very famous Hollywood producers, we were waiting to see an important person in NYC, and I remember being covered in cold sores from stress thinking – ‘what am I doing here?’ We did make a great connection, but the worst was yet to come. So that brings me to that point in the story I started with, where I stood in the shower feeling stripped and bare.


I then had this epiphany that I am not my job, my money and no-one can take away my experience, my heart, my soul and who I am and then…. everything changed.


I had worked hard on understanding digital marketing and branding, I loved branding because it stands for finding your totem, your authentic self and power. I started to get work from friends, colleagues who reached out saying ‘I love the branding you are creating’. So, I started another business and to this day is flourishing.

Three years ago, I became very aware that women over 40 didn’t have a voice. This was when I started the Mrs V Shift Events to help bring all aspects of our lives together and discuss how we can encourage inclusivity and diversity. We have now hosted 2 wonderful Mrs V Shift events and will be continuing to do that within organisations and of our own accord.

As a ‘conscious entrepreneur’, a brand expert and transformation coach, I help a lot of clients find their confidence and especially for men and women over 40 who have had a fear around technology replacing their skill set. I have been working with a Silicon Valley organisation that is on the forefront of AI (artificial intelligence) and I can tell you that the future of work is about innovation, creativity, collaboration and community.


‘People who keep developing their human-ness will always have a future.’

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I wear many hats and I have had to. But the one hat that makes real sense and covers all things that I do, is my ‘conscious entrepreneurship’. My spirituality has been my fuel and compass, it has helped me understand what it means to be conscious, mindful and responsibility for my life. Entrepreneurship is the future of work; we all need to know how to show up every day; we have to always have that side hustle in this gig-economy because it serves us in reaching for the stars. The old meaning of entrepreneurship meant you were willing to take whatever risks were necessary, well today you MUST take risks in order to survive and that is scary, but the reward is much bigger and far-reaching than you realise. Innovation and creativity are what we all possess and must access to find a meaningful life with purpose. My son used to say to me, so how long are you going to give it before you get a real job, when will you give up mum? And I’d say, never. I will never give up on doing what is authentic for me, no matter how hard the journey, I will never give up on doing what will be my legacy. Give up on life? No.

So never give up, never stop believing in yourself because that is your soul’s journey. Stepping up to life will give you no future regrets; it will give you the experiences that will shape the beauty of you.

I know that in the face of adversity and people saying you can’t – that you can.