Are you hitting crisis mode from redundancy or a business change due to the Global Crisis? Are you wanting to find a ‘work from home’ business and not sure where to start? Let me help you navigate a new career direction through discovering your ‘True Purpose’.

I’m Scarlett Vespa.

Brand maker, Transformation Coach and Founder of The Conscious Entrepreneurs, a Holistic Branding and Digital Marketing Business and The Conscious Room, a social community & learning platform to support Career Change + personal transformation. I work with entrepreneurs and businesses to build their brand from the ground up. I love helping people find direction, whether it’s discovering their true purpose or taking care of their digital marketing to help them reach their business goals.

My journey has taught me many things, but one thing was such a shock! Spirituality and business work together! Yes – modern day spirituality provides deeper meaning in life and people are craving that spiritual awakening, especially now. When we work as a community for the greater good, we get strong and create better results in our career and business. Here is an article illustrating why they work together beautifully.

I work with so many entrepreneurs and corporate escapees who want to start a business and the most common issue is finding the right information and support in one place. The Conscious Room’ is an exclusive community that offers all that! Online courses, live coaching with an inspiring career ‘Guidance Team’ to help grow your career and business. We talk about right mindset, how to create websites, marketing, social media, PR and much more.

So Welcome to my website, Blog and you’ll find more about my Agency and Community as well! Love and sparkle.


She’s so incredible at being able to sink into who you are, she brings out what is unique about you and the results are truly magical.

Josephine, Executive Coach 

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She guides you every step of the way on the journey and let’s you be yourself so you can find yourself. I highly recommend her!

Christie, Designer 


Working with Scarlett is a JOY!
SO many opportunities have opened up for my business since working with her – I highly recommend!

Carrie, Leadership Coach

Carrie Benedet in nature

Being Spiritual and doing Business, a Spiritual Awakening or Disaster? You’ll be Shocked!

As a child, I can remember my mother complaining about not having enough money. There were faint conversations I remembered about being punished by God, that you can’t have it all and you had to work hard. Then a girl in my class was in an ad on the back of a Kellogg pack and I …


I have absolute trust in her – my transformation lead me to new business opportunities and a new relationship.

Julie, CEO Finance

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I loved working with Scarlett. She was an inspiration and allowed me to push myself to the next level of my journey.

Jean Clare, Celebrity Psychic

Jean Clare Celebrity psycic

What’s different about Scarlett is she uses her intuition and sees who you are & makes you go ‘wow’!

Mary Jo, Life Coach 

Mary Jo