Thank you for signing up to see my ‘Brand Check List’. I’ve made this up of the 7 tools I can’t do without and wanted to share those with you!  I’ve created it in a PODCAST format (below) so you can listen anywhere as THIS information will change how you live your brand.



Below is a summary of the each point from my podcast above, so you can be reminded and refer to the points. I will also be adding more information, templates during the coming months. I’ll alert you when updated.

The 7 Tools for Your ‘Brand Kit’:

| Your Key Words (Know your brand)

Your key words are a great end point to find out IF you have a defined brand, in other words you have clarity around your message/values proposition.

Two | Social Media

Social Media is not a ‘maybe I’ll do it’, it’s a MUST do it. What greater way than to stay engaged, updated on new technology and business climate, real time feedback and free advertising. Develop branded content, be consistent.

Three | Ted Talks

Ted Talks are a wonderful way to get inspiration and innovate thinking, it’s also a wonderful format to think about what YOU would do if you did one. What would be the message you’d like to share? Craft it, write it and practice delivering it, it’s a wonderful exercise to do which I give to me clients.

Four | Writing

Writing opens the mind, releases blocks and helps give you insights into yourself. I advise to use a pen and paper, not the computer, there is something about the action of writing that brings forth greater truths.

Five | A Strategy for your Health + Wellbeing

Health + Wellbeing must be integrated into your business life, if that is not working, nothing else will be. Find what resonates with you, what shifts your mind into a more positive state. Mine is walking, yoga and eating healthily. Find your OWN tool, don’t follow others, it’s important you know your own body and what works.

Six | Self Reflection

Time out to reflect on what is happening in your life will keep you tuned into your intuition, your plan and your own body and mind. I use meditation, personal development through courses, books, videos, anything to keep me learning. Affirmations is a wonderful way of creating a neurological hack to negative thinking.  I am xxxx because is a great way to stay saying things that make you feel GOOD not bad. 

Seven | Networking

As we draw back into online life, hiding from the world, it’s very easy to become less confident and alone. Networking with your community is so important for humans, we need the conversation to see that we are not alone, everyone has similar problems and you may even gain support or a new client! When I started doing my Workshops, I realised that just the bringing together of like-minded people created a network and an opening on a whole other level.

Branding Guidelines:


Get a great logo.

Place it everywhere.

Develop a tagline.

Write a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand.

Brand messaging.

What are the key messages you wish to communicate about your brand? Every employee should be aware of your brand values and benefits.

Integrate your brand.

Branding extends to every aspect of your business, what you wear, how your employees dress, your email signatures, how you answer your phones, everything.

Create a “voice” that reflects your brand.

This voice needs to be applied to all communication material and incorporated in the visual imagery online and off.

Design templates and brand guidelines for your marketing materials.

Use the same colour scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. Be consistent.

Be true to your brand.

Customers won’t return to you, refer you to others if you don’t deliver on your brand promise.

Be consistent.

This is the most important, it builds trust with you audience, your clients and customers, without this all else won’t be effective.

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