Resisting is not an option. Just do it!

My continued obsession with ‘A Star is Born’ and Bradga (Bradley and Gaga) has been so much fun. I have soaked up her incredible talent, that aching vulnerability, her dedication to her craft and her ‘never giving up’ attitude. I have a new-found respect for her (prior to the Oscar) and excited for her to win one. One of the first things she said when she received her Oscar was ‘I worked hard for this’ and she has. I love her consistent grounded approach to her work and amazed at her transformation from wearing a meat dress to a Tiffany Diamond – Audrey Hepburn style. Gaga has always challenged the norm, that’s her brand and now her way of doing things is exactly what is in fashion. Disruption in business and technology is what is sought after, in fact a requirement to survive in this ever-changing landscape.

I was lying in bed thinking about my body and it’s need for more care. I have been super focused on my new site, work and sitting at my computer for way too long WITHOUT taking the time to move my body. About 2 months ago I chose to focus time on writing, meditation and creative ‘me’ time which transformed the way I do things now but the physical exercise has been slow (to put in mildly). I was going to book my third attempt at Pilates and then thought ‘What would Gaga do’? Of course she’d go to Pilates! She’d do whatever it took to reach her dream. My passion for my vision and creative expression is huge and feeling good about myself is a key part of being able to create that vision. I booked in! Yay!

My 5 top tips to making things happen ‘Gaga’ Style:


Articulate What You Want MORE.

I’ll keep it simple, I want that piece of bread, how am I going to feel after I’ve had the bread – guilty or bloated? What do I want more? Pleasure of a moment or to feel comfortable and proud of myself?  Or, do I want to feel good in my jeans. Again – what do you want more? This so works for me. I want to feel energised and ready to feel great for a photoshoot next week. This is a great way to make a choice, if you see it and name it, you’ll be more mindful of your decision AND you’ll feel more empowered.


One Thing.

Making a change can be overwhelming, the best way is to start SMALL, I mean really small. That is super powerful, think of it like you’re finding the backdoor into highly guarded sacred space. You’ll be accessing a new pathway to make major things happen.


Give Up Something.

This sounds strange, but the BEST things that have happened to me is when I’ve given up something. When I was a single mum and directing, I was offered a job to be a producer (Head of Broadcast for CBA) but I felt upset because I was giving up my creative side (so I thought). The position went on to be one of the happiest and important part of my career and in fact my life. Then I wanted to meet the RIGHT person for me but I knew that I had to change in order to find my soulmate, don’t ask me why, the only way I felt that I could do that was to give up something. I did, I gave up smoking. A year later (14 years ago) I met my now husband and soul mate. So, think about what is the thing that you cherish that perhaps would be hard to give up but it would change you for the better OR just feels like it may serve you better in some way.


What Are You Resisting?

There are many ways you may be resisting change OR something you have been doing for a long time, now you’re soul just doesn’t want you to do anymore. How does the resistance show up for you? You may be tired all the time, procrastinating  or you may just feel like you are pushing #*% up hill, that means we are resisting something. Just the naming of what that is by asking yourself the question, can change things and allow you to push through.  


Ask for Help.

I have been practicing self-help all my life, since I could ask ‘why’. Even now I have mentors and guides that I can turn to when I feel stuck. When our blinkers are on, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees, and just the act of knowing and allowing yourself to receive help, can be just what you need to push through to the next level.

‘It’s My Move’

I sit on the sand with the ocean before me.

The waves glisten with infinite possibility as the light teases me to imagine.

I feel my feet move deeper into the sand

trying to grasp the foundation of my very thought.

I feel my breath, it speaks to me but I don’t understand.

I shut my eyes and the light stains the dark – no relief.

Pushing them open again I take a deep breath in,

I finally relax as I watch a crab appear and disappear into the moulds.

Mesmerised by the beauty before me, I wonder why I feel stuck.

The small shells stick to my skin like a new landscape forming on my body.

What if I lunged into the sea?

Would the cold stop my heart, would a shark swim by and grab a snack?

Could I be drawn deeply down into the abyss of my emotions,

fear swallowing me up as it freezes my senses.

What if I lunged and my skin stung with the salt of the sea,

bringing my breath into the very heart of me.

What if I forgot myself and swam with the fish.

What if.

The clouds that have been looming suddenly shield the sun.

A drop of water hits my lip and I am grateful for the distraction.

I remember as a child sitting on a large pontoon pole at my granny’s house.

I would wrap a towel around me as I sat and watched the heavy rain.

No wind, just darts of water filling the air. I loved it.

I felt so at home, like a mermaid surveying her land.

I had no thoughts, just my breath that spoke to me and I understood.

I pushed myself off the sand and walked to the water’s edge.

I lunged in and disappeared for a moment.

Yes, everything is in the moment.

How precious life is.

FOUNDER MRS V:  Scarlett Vespa

Scarlett’s passion is branding and how to help people shape their personal or business brand to be future-proof. Her 25 year+ experience in advertising and branding working as Head of Broadcast for CBA and creating work for businesses such as Westfield, Westpac, David Jones, AMP, White Ribbon, Bonds and many more, gives her a vast knowledge on how to help individuals and businesses face an ever-changing landscape.

Scarlett’s other passion is to empower women at work and holds a yearly event called the ‘Mrs V Shift’ at the Langham Sydney, with over 25 speakers on how build your best self. She also loves to create videos, blogs, podcasts on all things educational, innovative and inspirational. See more about her here: Profile Website.

love + sparkle

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