We are Here to Help You Start Your Own Business and Create an Abundance Mindset.

Two years ago, Scarlett came to the realisation that the best way to help others wanting to start their own business was to create a resource where she has made available EVERYTHING she has learnt in her life as a business owner, brand expert, broadcast manager, website designer, graphic designer, ad director, social media and marketing expert.

In the 7 Weeks to Build Your Business online course, Scarlett has provided over 50 templates she uses in her own business to YOU! It’s an A-Z of business needs. An evergreen course where all the resources will be constantly updated with the latest technology and software. This course helps you with the basics of setting up your business, creating your logo and building a website. As well as teaching your some of the skills required to make quality brand videos and build marketing strategies including social media templates and plans.

Our Abundance mindset course will help you bring clarity and focus to what your soul needs today, to navigate the change and transformation taking place right now in the world. Hopefully this course will provide you with personal clarity and drive positive change in your all parts of your life. The LIVE Member only coaching sessions and private FACEBOOK GROUP are also invaluable resources where you can receive ongoing support during or post both courses. All our courses are FREE to our members, so you can start today 🙂

Seven Weeks to Build Your Business

This course is designed to give you the A-Z of starting a business. 

W1: Mindset – Creating the right mindset & intention
W2: Branding – Creating your logo and messaging
W3: Business – Setting up your business needs
W4: Brand Kit – Creating your assets
W5: Stills & Video – How to create quality content
W6: Website – Design, structure & how to build
W7: Publishing – Social media and design & PR basics

Abundant Mindset

This course is designed to help you find the right mindset to navigate challenges and focus in on bringing positive outcomes in your life.

W1: Intention Setting
W2: Identifying Blocks
W3: Clearing Blocks
W4: Manifesting Vision
W5: Allowing Abundance