My Bad Hair Day

Being Human is to struggle, when you hide that you, you hide yourself. Over Christmas I had seen another bloggers website and was struck by her authenticity. I suddenly felt my own inability to be myself, I had to be that strong person I always feel that I must be. If I’m teaching and guiding others, …


Everyday Fitness

It’s a lifestyle not a task, because movement IS life. Fitness, what is it? The magazines and media say, it’s the 6 pack or bikini body, the Ironman Endurance athlete, Olympic Champions etc all things that are not really realistic for the likes of you or me…But what if I told you fitness is relative, fitness …


Are you looking for a group of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs? Do you need support in your journey as a start up business? Are you stuck on how to market your business or service? Then I have something you will LOVE! 
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