Career Transition Assistance Sydney

Career Transition Assistance Sydney is where we can help people look at how to make that very big change in their life from one career to another. And it may be going from having your own business and into an organisation, because of many reasons, can be that you’re too stressed about having to draw up your work. And now, because of the global crisis that you don’t have the customers or the resources to do it anymore. So how do you come back into an industry that perhaps you were in 10-20 years ago. And that you’ve lived.

So, at Career Transition Assistance Sydney, we love to help guide people through that change. And most of the time when we’re doing create change it is a mental state that people are in when they’re looking to make that transition. So, with the Career Transition Assistance Sydney process. We understand that it can be trying to people because they’re in a panic mode, about what to do, and especially with Covid-19, and what’s happened with the huge amount of job losses and a lot of small businesses closing their doors. And you may be one of those people that have found themselves in that position where they no longer can sustain a small business, they can’t keep the doors open they’ve had to let go of staff, and now they’re being forced to go back into the workforce, and find out what they can do now.

Even if they weren’t doing work before the change is hard, as it’s so competitive now with so many people looking for jobs, at Career Transition Assistance Sydney we focus on the fact that today, it’s very much around an energy change. Yes, you can go to your recruiter and it’s like buying a ticket in Lotto, if you want to be successfull, you have to buy the ticket to be in at first, but it doesn’t mean you have to fully play the game. If you think of everything as energy, and you look at the fearing panic, which is a very low frequency energy. When you are in a position once you’ve moved through as best you can, through the grief and the fear and the change over you had to change careers.

Career Transition Assistance Sydney  we understand that you’ll then start to lift your vibration to a higher place. And then what can happen is you will attract things to you versus going after it. So the first step is to look at where you are now, there is no failure at this point, we’re going through a big change on the planet and things have to shift and any changes we know is not comfortable. It doesn’t feel good. It feels like we’re being punished or were victim of something or done something wrong or, we’ve failed, or it’s the end of the world, but we have to step into that place where, just as we say create change advice in is our change is around an internal change. We have to tap into the part of us that realises and trust that this process is necessary for the planet and our soul to grow and change into where we are.

Perhaps the job that you had or the business that you’ve been running has run you ragged where you don’t have time for your family don’t have time to look after yourself. You haven’t had time to do the things to nurture you and your soul. So when we add create change by scenery, think about helping people take that next step. We want you to come into that place of that change into. So we add Career Transition Assistance Sydney want to bring to the fore around. How you feeling, and looking at literally as the Word says is a transition. We want to assist you through that transition and transitions man change, it means personal growth, it means building resilience, it means getting stronger inside. It means having faith in yourself as you go on this journey, and none of us know where this journey is ending. The only thing that you can do is to stay in the present each day. And know that you’re not alone. And it will settle.

At Career Transition Assistance Sydney, we believe that they’ll emerge, a whole set of other jobs that will come out to help assist people, a whole set of other careers that will come out to assist people, and we believe truly that after the way through this, there will be a huge growth and opportunity that will come to people. So the final step, we want to talk about is how at Career Transition Assistance Sydney, we see the outcome for you. And it is about, that the outcome is being authentic and trusting in the process. And whatever it is, whether you’re leaving a business that you can’t run anymore you’re closing the doors, or whether you need a new job a new career pathway, or whether you are just miserable where you’re at because everybody’s in such a state of panic because there’s a lot of leaders who haven’t been in this predicament before. So you’re looking for a new place to be. Perhaps you’ve had to move. Because the location or something’s happened there. Or perhaps your health has suffered, whatever it is, in that process of Korea. And as I’ve said many times before this is about our careers our modern day rite of passage so is the journey that counts here. And we want to support you in that journey.