Career Guidance Service

We offer a Career Guidance Service Sydney  because it’s important to allow people to find their way in this very challenging time. The Career Guidance Service, that we do offer is in many forms. Firstly, we like to start with the career guidance quiz and then we take people into our membership, which offers live coaching with mamy different experts. It also offers coaching on the private Facebook group, two free online courses one is about abundance mindset. The other is about how to start your business in seven days. So it’s really important to offer different things in a Career Guidance Service because people sometimes don’t know which way they’re going to go hence why they need advice, but it’s more about giving different options, showing the opportunities and seeing whether they fit. And that’s where I created the Career Guidance Service because it’s really important. After all, you have someone who specialises in thinking about the things that you’ve never thought of our Career Guidance Service is based upon the experience of its founder Scarlett Vespa who works as a brand expert, and also as a marketing expert and is very holistic in her approach, about a Career Guidance Service because today, this time is certainly unprecedented.

So what we offer in terms of our Career Guidance Service is something that brings a holistic point of view to the way that you can look at your life and what you’re currently doing. Sometimes you’ve been on a particular pathway that you think is the only pathway and in fact, you haven’t even realised that there are different options. With the global crisis at present it is forcing people to open up their minds into what other possibilities they have, you might do something already that you don’t realise you could be paid for that skill but you’ve done it. As part of who you are and you don’t get paid for it, but just actually realigning those skill sets, looking at your values and seeing what is something that you could bring into your current offering, or completely change. And that’s why with the Career Guidance Service we have, we look at how to pivot. We look at what your skill sets are. We will look at how to nurture you in this new terrain. So you feel a level of comfort, as you take that next step on this journey.

Career Guidance Service is also about providing some inspiration entertainment. We have a TV show that we love and we have our guidance team on there to share all their tips and insights and ways to manoeuvre this time. It’s about bringing some light and feeling that you’re not alone during this time. We also have amazing resources that can show you all around the area of businesses, and in careers what you’d need to start a business, what you need to develop yourself in these coming times. Right now, personal development is key because as we search into perhaps a new purpose during your Career Guidance Service, you’ll see that it starts with you and how you feel about you, how you’ve been able to step above the fear consciousness that is current at the moment.

Our Career Guidance Service is also based on drawing in the guidance team that we have available to us. We have an amazing support team  that shares so much of their wisdom and knowledge around the different areas, and their expertise is in different places such as we have spiritual experts, astrologist expert, relationship coach, financial coach, a stylist, Feng Shui expert, public relations and of course Scarlett Vespa who is a brand expert, conscious entrepreneur just to name a few. And the list will continue as we expand business and expand our knowledge base.

We’ve also developed some fantastic worksheets, to help you through this time to and as a Career Guidance Service it’s all about coming at it from different angles, so you feel more inspired to jump on this journey which can often be overwhelming when we start to face our life. As a Career Guidance Service, we also look to further develop your skill-set and  focus on making a great CV. We also look to help you address the right industries, so perhaps in the past you haven’t been in the right industry and so that can further stop your ability to further your career.

At present, I believe that our business and our careers are our modern day rite of passage, so it’s important during this time that we look at our challenges as a way to further strengthen our ability to be ourselves to be authentic and to build resilience. And in this way, it doesn’t matter what life throws at us, we are ready to take the challenge because often when things go wrong we not ready or suprised. It’s really about us learning to take that next step that perhaps we’ve been resisting to do.

So as a Career Guidance Service, it’s not just about what job is right for you, it is actually about what it is you want to have in your life. What are the qualities that important. Sometimes we may look at a house and we think their house is what we need in our life or that relationship that person is what we need in our life. But in fact, it’s not about the person it’s not about the house, and it’s about us trusting, what is right for us. So if we focus more on our intention, which is to have a happy fulfilling career versus that job is right for us or that relationship is like right for us, we’re more likely to find ourselves in a position with a career that we love and better suited to a future that we want. So, as a Career Guidance Service, we are very unique in that way because we look at things holistically which is what we need today.