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Changing careers, is the most difficult time for any person. And right now we are going through such great change on the planet, and in our life and our workplace. That is very hard to find a place of calm, feeling safe and connected, a Career Change Advice Sydney, we look to help people find options into taking this next journey in their path of life, our careers are our modern day rite of passage as our founder Scarlett Vespa always says, because it’s where we get to stretch exercise and build these muscles in life.

So at Career Change Advice Sydney, we recommend that you start the process by firstly understanding what the situation is with your job and at work, asking the questions like, Do I have a future right now? Can I exist on what is being offered to me? And only look to the short term at the moment because things are changing so rapidly that it’s hard to even think about where people are going to be in two or 3,4 or even 6 months. All you can deal with is what is happening right now and at Career Change Advice Sydney, we understand that the most important thing is that you explore your research, you reach out, you look into what options you have at present.

So the first thing we’d like to discuss at Career Change Advice Sydney is if you’re in a current job, and they’re not sharing anything with you right now so it’s very hard to determine the lay of the land, we suggest that you reach out and share with your HR, or your immediate boss and say, ‘please tell me what you’re thinking’, ‘I would appreciate transparency as we move through this time, because I need to know what my options are moving forward’. If you know that the workplace is looking to close or reduce staff, again I would speak to them, and at Career Change Advice Sydney, we believe having those open conversations is vital during this time. HR will know exactly what’s going on they also will know how to help guide you through this period and sometimes HR because they’ll be in shock as well, so you must reach out to them. And we found that it’s really about reaching out to people because they are in their headspace they’ve got their issues, and at Career Change Advice Sydney, we know these issues are global, and everyone is feeling them. Even when you turn on the television you’ll see a reporter who’s got a loved one who’s sick or they become very emotional. So everybody’s going through it together.

career change advice sydney

At Career Change Advice Sydney, we believe if you’re someone who has to close a business and you don’t know where to go from there. The next stage would be to have a look at what your next phase would be in terms of can you run the business at a smaller scale because you love your career you don’t want to change it maybe there’s a way to pivot, what you’re doing in your business in your career, maybe there’s a way to pivot your current role even.

Another way is to look at your skill sets and see how you can pivot those skill sets, and bring them into the workplace today, and into your business. If you know the business has two shot, then at Career Change Advice Sydney we advise you to get onto it as quickly as possible to act. First step is to have a look how you can reduce costs immediately ring out, and reach out to all your subscriptions to your leases your rent or any way where you’re paying a monthly fee, and reach out to them and ask for help. Immediately when you do that you’ll know that what your options are and how you can get through it. That’s the only way because as we mentioned before people are in their pain and they’re coping with an influx you have to be the one to take action, which is the key important thing which we believe that create change advice Sydney.

Interesting enough through this period. Everybody’s going through a career change, and a Career Change Advice Sydney we know that it is so important to not step into fear because everybody’s going through it. You still have all the skills that you’ve got you still got possibilities, there’s no issue around taking that journey of. Everything’s terrible and how am I going to survive. If you look at where we are at the moment having to be home having to nurture our families, having to sit still and face everything perhaps this is a bit of a call out to see where things weren’t working in the past. So Korean change advice Sydney we ask you to take a stock type of where things were working whether or not, how you can redevelop what you were doing perhaps there was something in the drawer that you had put away because you didn’t have time or you didn’t have the funds or you didn’t have the bandwidth in your mind to address.

At Career Change Advice Sydney, we are seeing a lot of people that are doing well in coaching, and in online. And so we believe there’ll be a real burst of new job opportunities and career changes that develop out of this time. So just stay in the present each day do what you can, and keep connecting and reaching out to people in terms of marketing yourself this is a key point at Career Change Advice Sydney we do not advise you to flood the social media platforms. Everyone is overwhelmed. And it’s important to be very consistent and to be very founded and grounded in the approach that you’re taking whatever that may be.

So just get a strategy in place that will keep you feeling like you’re getting out there and you’re speaking to people because it is a very competitive land, but it also doesn’t flood the place that people can feel your fear, and that is what will happen to try it. So if you’re maintaining your business as it is that is the advice that we say, at career change advice seeking.