Mrs V Shift Success

On Thursday 27th September I had my second Mrs V Shift Event. This event was more challenging than last year to put together – even though you would think all tracks had been laid from the previous – not the case.

When is The Last Time You Did a Life Audit?

Life takes many twists and turns and even with a clear vision and a sense of purpose some events leave us stumped! We can find ourselves either reacting to these events with confusion and disbelief, retracting in fear and uncertainty or responding with a sense of curiosity and exploration, propelling us forward.

Motherhood – The Greatest Opportunity for Change

My greatest challenge was to let go. Our children are on loan and for their own sake, it’s important to love from a distance in some ways, to be there when they need us and to guide when they are lost.

Everyday Fitness

It’s a lifestyle not a task, because movement IS life. Fitness, what is it? The magazines and media say, it’s the 6 pack or bikini body, the Ironman Endurance athlete, Olympic Champions etc all things that are not really realistic for the likes of you or me…But what if I told you fitness is relative, fitness …

Why We’ll Never Get There – Thank God.

We are NEVER meant to get there. Ask yourself ‘Where is that place?’ When you get a home, your soulmate, your health, your money, your… It’s just not true.

The Mrs V Shift Event

A day of collaboration and inspiration with over 25 speakers, so exciting to launch the first Mrs V Shift at The Langham Sydney