6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need a Support Group

The saying goes that it’s lonely at the top, and it definitely may seem so at first in the field of entrepreneurship. With so much focus on new ventures including launching a new business, setting new goals, and managing staff under a new framework, it’s no wonder that people at the helm are often driven to …

Why Conscious Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs begin small scale, business people. They are the individuals who are brilliant and creative and come up with innovative and creative ideas which they turn them into businesses.  Operating businesses usually have the primary goal of “making a profit.”  While that is true for most of the time, there are those entrepreneurs who start businesses …

4 Qualities to Look for in a Motivational Speaker

Hiring a phenomenal motivational speaker can be a great way to fire up attendees and add value to your event. Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any well-known influencer or self-proclaimed industry expert, though! The right motivational speaker should possess certain qualities that make them an ideal fit for your affair. Read on below for …

What Attracts Clients To Your Brand?

Branding is essential to business.  It is key to a successful company.  It is what consumers identify with and buy into.  It can become the company’s trademark.  So what attracts clients to your brand?  Is it a colour, a logo that is distinct to your company? What are your clients are drawn to? Good branding sticks …

3 Mindful Habits for the Busy Entrepreneur

In the simplest terms, mindfulness is the practice of being purposefully aware of one’s experiences and being focused in the present moment. It is an essential component in the practice of Buddhism and has existed for centuries, though it has only achieved mainstream awareness in recent years. Now, far from being followed by the ‘new age’ …

How Can A Mentorship Program Help Your Business?

Small and big businesses both face similar problems, only on a different scale. Employee development is one factor that all businesses need to consider. Depending on the structure of a business, progression into higher positions or into different department roles usually happens as the business grows. Business owners look to expand their company with their success, …

What Does It Take to Become a Conscious Entrepreneur?

Have you heard people use the term conscious entrepreneur lately? What does it really mean? Why does it seem like such a compelling idea amidst today’s often mindless, cutthroat business environment?

What Does a Business Coach Bring to the Table?

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for a change of pace—or a shift in your leadership paradigm altogether—hiring a business coach could be your best decision yet. Here’s a guide on what a business coach brings to the table, plus some personal qualities that you would expect to see in your own business coach.

Spirituality and Entrepreneurship: Is There a Connection?

For an entrepreneur, perhaps the best kind of spiritual awakening is the kind that sparks a higher awareness of yourself, your purpose, your talents, the community that matters to you, and any higher power or ideal that you believe in.

Tips and Benefits to Hiring a Motivational Speaker for your Business

Despite the recent success of the personal development industry, which includes motivational speaking, there are still some business owners who think a professional speaker is nothing more than an entertaining show.