Why Every Start-up Should Invest in Branding

A ‘start-up’ business is an ambitious undertaking, but without a doubt, building a strong brand early on, will affect your company’s success and future business.

Cultivate the Right Mindset and Change Your Life for the Better

Some people go through life without having a clear goal. It’s as if they are riding a boat in a fast-moving river and they left the row on the riverbank. They’re just letting the water wash them away in different directions without a clear destination. Having a clear goal will anchor you so that you don’t get lost in the waves of the water.

Motivational Speaking: Can it Benefit Your Business?

One of the top secrets of success for a business is investing in people. Most team building activities include workshops and training. However, it’s important not to forget your staff’s morale. You want to them to be happy in their workplace, andmaximize their productivity.

The Voice of Change : Stewart Pearce

I had the pleasure of speaking with Stewart Pearce – the Voice of Change. His work with icons like Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher shows the depth of his impact on others. I could have listened to his voice and his words of wisdom for hours!

How To Spot A Thought Leader In Your Team

Is thought leadership important? Firstly, let’s define the terminology. A thought leader is an expert in their field and someone who is not afraid to voice their opinion. They are trustworthy professionals, and are great sources of innovation to inspire others, and to turn ideas into reality.

Online Branding Matters

There are a lot more other strategies to increase your online presence such as blogging, word-of-mouth marketing, and optimizing the user’s experience. If all of these strategies are done in harmony, it is without a doubt that a small business can successfully build their online brand.

Awaken Success Series: Conscious Leadership with Carrie Benedet

Wake Up to Leadership: Carrie Benedet, Leadership Coach and EI Specialist talks about what it means to be a successful and conscious leader. Today, learning to lead is one of the most important skills for any employee or employer to have, future-proofing your career has never been more important as we face a landscape of entrepreneurship. …

4 Simple Ways of Adapting the Growth Mindset in your Business

This educational philosophy has transcended beyond the classroom and into the other aspects of life, including how it can be applied in business. Entrepreneurs are seeing the benefit of having a growth mindset in the workplace. Here are 4 simple ways on how to get started in adapting the growth mindset in your business. It starts …

4 Simple Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Brand Specialist Now

Business owners are often hesitant to hire a brand specialist. It would be excellent to have a knowledgeable brand specialist to consult for your business but more often than not, this falls under the non-urgent business needs.

5 Simple Hacks in Handling Stress

Stress is inevitable, especially with the fast-paced lives that we all live. Whether you are a student, an employee, a business owner, or a stay-at-home parent, you are faced with daily challenges which also brings stress. Truly, eliminating stress is virtually impossible. Instead, one should learn how to effectively deal with stress. Here are some simple …

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