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The Voice of Change : Stewart Pearce

I had the pleasure of speaking with Stewart Pearce – the Voice of Change. His work with icons like Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher shows the depth of his impact on others. I could have listened to his voice and his words of wisdom for hours!


A Series of Dilemmas – Is that You?

I was the in the shower (where all good ideas spring from) and thinking about all the dilemma’s people now face in life. The first one that popped into my mind was the ‘multi-talented’ dilemma. People say to focus one one thing and then they say be true to yourself. Yikes, where do you go from …


Why Everyone Gets Depressed + How to Find Relief

Today I wanted to talk about depression. If you’ve been triggered by the fact that I said everyone gets depressed, then I understand the nature of depression can be clinical and I won’t be talking to that space because I don’t know enough about the chemical imbalance in the brain – I will be interviewing amazing …


How to Open Your Heart to Abundance

The heart is the centre of everything in our lives, and I think it’s important to be present to understand the impact that it has. I believe that the mind and the soul sit in the heart. Our mental thoughts are very much in the head and often when you’re very stressed or you can’t think …


How your PROBLEMS can be the KEY TO SUCCESS

Last thing you want to hear is that having challenges is a good thing. Especially, when you’re right in the middle of it. It does make sense though when I think about it, if everything was super easy, then you couldn’t feel a sense of reward or satisfaction when you achieve something. I studied a lot …


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