Scarlett Vespa believes the future belongs to those who are willing to embrace individual responsibility, have a half glass attitude and never give up. As a brand-maker, transformation coach, speaker & founder of digital marketing firm The Conscious Agency, she has worked with iconic brands such as Disney, David Jones, Westfield including being head of broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank.

In March 2020, she launched The Conscious Room, a platform dedicated to women hitting crisis mode through redundancy, parenthood or corporate burnout to forge a new career direction. A move that renders her almost psychic considering the current global crisis. In creating a new breed of “conscious entrepreneurs”, Scarlett shows how roadblocks are a modern-day rite-of-passage into a more meaningful life, with personal accountability for success.

Scarlett was determined to prove that spirituality does belong in the boardroom, a lesson learnt after losing everything. This transformational experience inspired her to create the Mrs V Shift, a yearly event to give women over 40 a voice. It would lead her to be featured on popular morning talk shows and across media outlets all over the country.

With a media and advertising career spanning over 25 years, Scarlett’s journey only underscores her resilience. From working on set with Hollywood heavyweights such as Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson to being named one of the first female TVC Directors in Australia, Scarlett was never one to allow gender to stand in the way of her success. She would go on to work in corporate advertising and generate million dollar revenues until a shift away from corporate to follow her passion changed everything.

She now works with small and large businesses managing their brand and marketing with a focus on how to work from home, something she is an expert in, having worked from home for most of her working life. Today, with people looking for hope and meaning in an uncertain world, Scarlett brings inspiration, information and tools to take a confident step towards a new career and a new life.

Passionate about sharing her learnings and insights through  Motivational Speaking and Media Publications , Scarlett talks on how why ‘conscious entrepreneurship’ is the key skillset to future-proof yourself and how to become one. She teaches others how to build a successful brand and inspire others to never give up by sharing her personal story of losing everything,